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Experience crypto like never before.

The Waymont

A new standard of self-custody and onchain security.

Our goal is to make on-chain activity as safe and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we built Waymont Self-Custody on Safe, with layers of protection for peace of mind. And why Waymont Concierge and Waymont Club are on-call to assist you at all times.

Waymont is the evolution of self-custody. Secure, intuitive, and intelligent for crypto-natives who want the best.

How it works


You access Waymont via 3 touch points:

  1. Waymont Web: to initiate transactions, view your assets, and manage security policies
  2. Waymont Connect: to interact with dApps
  3. Waymont Mobile App: to review and approve transactions via your biometric signature

Together, these power a seamlessly intuitive workflow. Login to Waymont Web, initiate a transaction from the dashboard or Waymont Connect, and approve behind your biometrics on Waymont Mobile –  all in a matter of seconds.

Layers of security

Waymont provides layers of security. Your account is built on Safe – which secures over $100B in assets – and any transaction requires your authentication behind your Waymont Web credentials and secure enclave-enabled biometrics.

In addition, your account is protected by the following.

  • Waymont Policy Guardian: validates transactions against custom policies that you control (e.g. only allow transfers from my IP address, <$10k per day)
  • Waymont Hack Detection: monitors hacks, depegs, and rug pulls before they occur, enabling you to automatically withdraw your assets
  • Waymont Recovery: enables simple on-chain recovery in the event you lose access to your mobile signer

These are just a few of the features that Waymont offers to transform your on-chain experience.

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Our concierges are here to help with your crypto-native needs, from answering questions about Waymont to helping you source liquidity to connecting you to tax counsel. We have a solution.


Our exclusive network of partners offers perks and services to our clients. From leisure and lifestyle benefits to market-making, Waymont Club aggregates the industry's best.

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