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The Waymont Experience


Waymont Self-Custody


Waymont Smart Actions


Waymont Concierge

Waymont combines these into a single secure, intuitive, and intelligent platform. We aim to make onchain activity as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Our offerings

Waymont Self-Custody

Operate seamlessly with our web and mobile app. Never worry about self-custody again with transaction policies and recovery at your fingertips. Learn more.

Waymont Smart Actions

Smart Actions are a new primitive of presigned user transactions generated within Waymont. They allow users to simplify, derisk, and build on any set of parameters. Learn more.

Waymont Concierge

Waymont Concierge provides personal support at every step. One-on-one help from our team and partners is only a message away.  Learn more.


Waymont costs 2ETH per year. This gets you access to our full platform, including white-glove service from our entire team.

Asset Minimum

We require that clients maintain a portfolio balance of at least 250,000 USD.

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