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The Waymont Platform

Waymont is an entirely new standard of self-custody. Unlock access to: 

  1. Layers of protection with Waymont Self-Custody
  2. Transformative onchain Waymont Smart Actions
  3. ...and support from Waymont Club & Concierge

Store your assets securely


Each of your Waymont Vaults is a 2-2 multisig Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe) that you access via 3 touch points:

  1. Waymont Connect: to connect to dApps
  2. Waymont Web: to manage policies and positions
  3. Waymont Mobile App: to store review and approve transactions

Together, these power a seamlessly intuitive workflow.

Waymont provides layers of security. Your account is built on Safe – which secures over $100B in assets. In addition, your account is protected by:

  • Transaction policies: set custom policies that you control (e.g. only allow transfers from my IP address, <$10k per day)
  • Biometric signing: approve all account actions behind biometric signing
  • Guardian recovery: enables simple onchain recovery in the event you lose access to your mobile signer

These are just a few of the features that Waymont offers to transform your onchain experience.

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Smart Actions

Waymont Smart Actions allow you to monitor triggers and set actions that give you an edge.

Track things like bad debt, collateral, and hacks before they occur—and pre-sign transactions that automatically execute if triggers are met. Smart Actions do not introduce additional smart contract risk and significantly shifts risk/reward for our users. Some use cases:

  • Manage leverage based on health factors and interest rates.
  • Withdraw assets if a protocol is detected.
  • Automating monthly payments, e.g., sending 1000 USDC for rent.
  • Efficiently aggregating yields without smart contract risks.

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Concierge & Club

Our concierge team helps with your crypto native needs. Get immediate support for your Waymont related questions and more.

Waymont Club is our vetted network of partners that offer exclusive perks and services to clients. From leisure and lifestyle to market makers to tax lawyers—our roster is the best.

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